HCMS Article Published in “2013 Workplace Trends” Report


HCMS Group has published a piece in Sodexo’s 2013 Workplace Trends publication titled, “Data Reporting OUT; Predictive Modeling IN.” The piece is written by Dr. Harold (Hank) Gardner (CEO of HCMS Group) and Neil Sullivan (HCMS Senior Account Manager and Online Business Intelligence Service Manager).

Read more about the article below and click here to view HCMS’s article in the 2013 Workplace Trends publication.

Article Abstract:

Organizations are complex systems that operate using connected sets of physical, financial, and social structures. Policies, procedures, and programs in each aspect of a business can affect behaviors and outcomes in other areas and have specific impact on human capital job performance.

Until recently, companies seeking to manage human capital risk have focused on “silos” of data and attempted to develop interventions solely from analyzing data independently within these silos. Given that interventions developed in this manner have not produced that desired cost savings, many innovative organizations have turned to a “Big Picture” approach in an attempt to understand the inter-relatedness between the silos and the business policies that ultimately determine human capital performance.

A “Big Picture” approach to human capital risk management focuses on strategic connections among critical data elements that comprise an organization’s human capital management efforts, with specific focus on those connections that influence job performance. This approach provides decision makers with actionable information that they can use to integrate human capital management activities and optimize their overarching human capital management strategy. Only through this Big Picture integration approach can a broad array of seemingly disparate human capital data elements interconnect in a meaningful, actionable manner resulting in true human capital management changes and improved business performance.


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