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Posts about the new HCMS Healthcare Reform Model

Healthcare Reform Webinar Series: Video 3

The third video in our healthcare reform webinar series, The Pathway to Implementing a Single “Aligned Incentives” Health Plan, reviews why having this single health plan delivers the best results. Watch this live webinar recording as Dr. Hank Gardner, Justin Schaneman, and Neil Sullivan discuss, analyze, and evaluate population risk, actuarial versus econometric modeling, the… Continue Reading

Musculoskeletal Costs Nearly Twice that of Condition-Specific Costs

The figure below shows total musculoskeletal costs in comparison to other major chronic conditions for a collection of large employers in the HCMS Group Research Reference Database (RRDb). Musculoskeletal costs rank among the highest with respect to comorbidities and disability costs, with co-morbidity costs nearly twice that of condition-specific costs. Figure 2: Top Condition Comorbidity… Continue Reading

Musculoskeletal: Top Contributor to Total Claim Costs

Our next Health as Human Capital research blog entries will focus on people with musculoskeletal conditions. Using Major Diagnostic Category (MDC) disease classification, figure 1 illustrates the aggregate cost of musculoskeletal diseases compared to other common disease conditions. Musculoskeletal claim costs consistently contribute to over 20% of all medical spending, costing nearly twice as much… Continue Reading

Optimal Number of Primary Care Visits?

Introduction With the increasing interest in learning how to improve the use of primary care, we have modeled the optimal number of annual primary care visits related to health plan costs as shown in the graph below. Increasing primary care is a key element in the HCMS Aligned Incentives Health Plan as described in our… Continue Reading

Healthcare Reform Webinar Series: Video 2

In the second webinar in our healthcare reform series, HCMS Group CEO Dr. Hank Gardner and VP of Data Analytics Justin Schaneman discuss the Data Analytics used in the successful implementation of effective healthcare reform. Watch this live webinar recording and listen to a detailed analytic discussion on health plan selection bias, primary care, econometric… Continue Reading

Isn’t it Time You Knew… That Your Health Plan Design Impacts Employee Work Performance?

Introduction Health plan design not only impacts employee engagement and lost time, but also how well year-end productivity goals are met (or not met). When it comes to the three health plan types featured below, high-deductible health plans produces the most engaged and highest-performing employees. Most Likely to Exceed Year-End Goals Employees that choose a high-deductible… Continue Reading

Healthcare Reform Webinar Series: Video 1

HCMS Group CEO Dr. Hank Gardner and CCO Shawn Petrini, MSN discuss “big data,” current trends in healthcare reform, the 5% of a population that is driving over 50% of health benefit costs, and an effective healthcare reform model in HCMS Group’s first webinar in the Healthcare Reform Series. Discover how multiple health plans drive… Continue Reading

Health Plan Type Affects Worker Lost Time: HCMS Connects the Dots with “New Thinking” Research Discoveries

As part of HCMS Group Healthcare Reform research, HCMS has explored the relationship between health plan type and worker lost time from disability and workers’ compensation benefits. Key Finding Employees enrolled in a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) health plan had 41% more lost time when compared to employees enrolled in an HDHP (high-deductible health plan).… Continue Reading