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Prediabetes Diagnosis is a ‘Gift’ — November 2016

Taking Measures to Reduce Risk for Diabetes More than 29 million Americans live with diabetes — a serious condition in which blood glucose (sugar in the blood) builds to dangerously high levels. What’s more, another 86 million live with prediabetes, that is, have strong risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. The Center for Disease… Continue Reading

Connecting the Dots on STAT: Surging Health Care Costs, Stagnant Economy, Flat Wages

Cheyenne, Wyo., Oct. 10, 2016 – Dr. Hank Gardner, CEO and managing partner of HCMS Group, pointed out the link from healthcare waste to flat wages to economic stagnation in an op-ed column published on the healthcare news website STAT. Link to downloadable PDF. He defined healthcare waste as over-treatment by providers, in the form of… Continue Reading

Does Alcohol Trigger AFib? — August 2016

Atrial Fibrillation: A Growing Concern Atrial fibrillation (AFib or AF) is sometimes called the quivering heart. It is the most common type of irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia. Fibrillation refers to the heart contracting very fast and irregularly. To understand AF, it helps to think of the heart as the body’s electrical system. Each time our… Continue Reading

Activity and Fitness Trackers: Studies Show They Get People Moving — July 2016

Activity and Fitness Trackers: Studies Show They Get People Moving — July 2016

Have you noticed people wearing stylish wrist ware or other devices, and talking about how many steps they’ve taken? Activity and fitness trackers like FitBit, Garmin, Mi Band, Jawbones and pedometers represent a burgeoning business projected to reach $19 billion by 2018. These devices are used to monitor and measure physical activity, heart rate, sleep… Continue Reading

What’s Eating Up Your Paycheck? Healthcare Costs (Healthcare Waste)

Healthcare waste helps keep wages flat, widening economic inequality and fueling voter anger and frustration. Everybody talks about how insanely expensive healthcare and health insurance are. And there’s lots of talk about how wages have barely kept up with inflation for at least eight years. But nobody’s really talking about how those two things –… Continue Reading

New CDC Guidelines for Opioid Use — May 2016

New CDC Guidelines for Opioid Use — May 2016

Safe Use Saves Lives and Reduces Complications Opioids, or narcotic medications, are powerful pain killers. They can be an appropriate and effective part of managing pain, but the overuse and misuse of these prescription drugs has become a public health crisis. Since 1999, the use of opioids has quadrupled and more than 165,000 people have… Continue Reading