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How much does health drive healthcare costs anyway? Entry 20 – 2009

When medical and disability costs are high, conventional wisdom assumes there must be more illness driving up costs, right? But how much of total cost can we actually attribute to health status versus other things? Four Parts There are actually four driving components of health and absence cost, the first three of which we’ll cover… Continue Reading

The day an entire work force got sicker – or did they? Entry 18 – 2009

Imagine being a benefits manager for a large corporation boasting three straight years of flat medical and absence costs in 2005, 2006 and 2007 (1). Like many benefits managers, you might be proud and vocal about the many programs you’ve purchased to encourage health and disease management. We have all seen such flat trends attributed… Continue Reading

The best prevention doesn’t come from doctors, it comes from your everyday life. Entry 16 – 2009

I know someone, Jane, who goes to the doctor all the time. She has every ache, bump, rash or other symptom seen by a physician, usually a specialist. Jane often starts a statement with “my (insert a specialist type like orthopedic surgeon) says….” She is vigilant about regular check-ups and timely screening tests, which in… Continue Reading

A “Culture of Health” – It’s more than a checklist. Entry 12 – 2009.

Every year, a new catch phrase becomes THE focus of corporate health. This year that phrase seems to be the “Culture of Health.” At almost every conference and corporate benefit presentation, a ‘culture of health’ is the gold standard all employers must strive to achieve. And why wouldn’t everyone want to? But by what measure?… Continue Reading

Ten misaligned financial policies that communicate the wrong message to employees. Entry 9 – 2009

Pay is probably the most powerful communication tool an employer has. A book on compensation that I read recently explains very clearly how rewards (all pay, benefits and recognition) deliver the clearest message to employees about what is important to the company, and what the company wants from them. The authors remind readers that “few… Continue Reading

Ill-designed Consumer-Directed Health: A small step won’t get us over a big chasm. Entry 18 – 2008.

Since their arrival, we have watched as consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs) have been set up to fail. They have been overpriced, underfunded, highly-restricted, unfavorably positioned, tentatively introduced and fraught with administrative barriers. Then, surprise, we hear reports (1) that they seem unpopular. Here at the Health as Human Capital Foundation, we write often about the… Continue Reading