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How the Service Works

KnovaSolutions is a personal health information service that provides you with a nurse, pharmacist, and medical research librarian who are available through telephone and email. Your team is available to answer anything from major to minor health questions.

Your nurse will remain with you throughout your time as a member in the service. As a KnovaSolutions member, your family can use the service as well.

What You Can Expect From Your Team

  • Health Information: What does my diagnosis mean? How is this medication going to work? Why do I have to have this test again? How do I get a copy of my medical records? Where can I go for the best treatment?

  • Health Options: How do I get better? What is the risk of this surgery? How can I talk to other people who have survived this illness? What is the risk of watchful waiting versus having this surgery? How do I get a second opinion?

  • Healthy Lifestyle Support: How do I start an exercise program? What support systems are available for me? How do I create a healthy eating plan? How can I decrease the stress and tension in my life? How do I encourage my family to be healthy?

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