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KnovaSolutions helps its members through medical and personal hardships everyday. Click through the stories* below to see how KnovaSolutions has helped its members gain control over their health.

 James: Improve Diabetes and Reduce Medications

The Situation: James was scheduled for knee-replacement surgery. During his pre-surgery physical and lab work, it was discovered that he had dangerously high blood sugar levels. He postponed his surgery and started on insulin and oral medications. Before his diabetes was stabilized, he required an ER visit due to diabetic shock. After this unexpected diagnosis, James decided he wanted to change his lifestyle and habits, particularly since he knew he was carrying extra weight. His goal was to stabilize his blood sugar levels without medications. He needed help developing a plan that would safely get him there.

How KnovaSolutions Helped: James’ nurse, a Certified Diabetes Educator, described a program he could adopt to make a slow but safe transition, starting with working with a nutritionist. The KS pharmacist described ways to wean off insulin and helped him prepare questions for him to review with his doctor. They also discussed the importance of exercise to assist with weight loss and to help manage pain.

Today: James mapped out a food plan with a nutritionist and began an exercise program of walking, biking and weight-lifting. He has lost more than 65 pounds and reduced his insulin dramatically. His goal is to lose another 30 pounds and get off insulin fully. His blood sugar is well-controlled and he reports feeling increased energy and much less joint pain, including in his knee. He has decided to see through his goals before reconsidering knee surgery.

 Rosa: Stressed About Her Husband's Health

The Situation: Rosa recently spent the night in the emergency room with her husband, Manuel, when he had a diabetic seizure caused by an extremely high blood sugar level. Manuel takes diabetic medication but his lifestyle is sedentary and he does not adhere to the recommended diet. Despite his discharge orders, Manuel made no changes to his lifestyle. Rosa was frustrated by his lack of interest in trying to improve his health, and the situation was causing strain on their marriage and increased stress for Rosa.

How KnovaSolutions Helped: Rosa’s nurse listened carefully to her concerns and encouraged her to focus on herself, the only person she can control. They discussed how his health is his decision, just as her health is her own to influence. Her nurse described several stress reduction techniques, including yoga classes and meditation. They also talked about mental health services available in her community.

Today: Rosa reports feeling far less stress since she began practicing yoga. Instead of reacting to her husband’s indifference to his health, she uses breathing techniques to refocus her thoughts on her own peace of mind. She feels more optimistic about being supportive to her spouse rather than trying to control him since she is learning to better care for herself.

 Linda: Money Concerns Affecting Care

The Situation: Linda had a history of heart disease and triple bypass surgery. Finances were tight and she couldn’t afford regular office visits. When Linda was able to make an appointment, she felt her doctor did not listen to her concerns or address the difficulties of her personal situation. She’d lost the information she’d gotten about post-surgery lifestyle changes.

How KnovaSolutions Helped: Linda’s nurse provided information about cardiac rehab and explained the types of follow up care she could benefit from and why. Linda asked many questions about her medications and her nurse provided prescription financial assistance resources. They discussed the importance of having a primary care provider who listens carefully and with whom Linda was comfortable talking. Her nurse also provided details about a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Today: Linda found a new provider that she likes and who understands that she is committed to her health but must limit testing and office visits. They arrived at a mutual understanding of the most important tests and are spreading out the timing between visits. Linda has started walking and eating a heart-healthy diet, and as a result, her labs have improved. She feels satisfied that she is actively involved in her healthcare and that she is receiving quality care without increased financial burdens. She has become her own best advocate.

*These stories are based on real experiences, but pictures and names have been changed.

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