Press Release: HCMS Group Introduces Healthcare Cost, Quality Solution


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HCMS Group Introduces Healthcare Cost, Quality Solution
Predictive analytics combined with clinical prevention services results in cost savings

Cheyenne, WY—HCMS Group LLC this month introduced the 5|50 Solution™ as a system to address the biggest cost problem in U.S. healthcare for employers, healthcare providers, government, and individuals. The program is saving hundreds of millions of dollars annually while improving people’s health.

The problem: 5% of the population accounts for 50% of medical spending, and half of that money is used for treatments that are ineffective or threaten to increase patient risk. The 5|50 Solution combines predictive data analytics with clinical prevention services to offer clients an economics-based way of addressing this problem. The program has cut expenses by 10% to 15%.

HCMS Group, a national health information services company, has developed a unique predictive risk index as the first step in addressing the 5|50 problem. This metric – the Human Capital Risk Index® (HUI, patent pending) – converts more than 300 characteristics including medical diagnoses, pharmaceutical use, and health-related time off into a single number for each individual. People in the 5% high-cost group have HUI scores of 2.0 or higher, double the average person’s risk.

HCMS monitors HUI scores month to month. Individuals with rising risk come to the attention of KnovaSolutions®, the HCMS clinical prevention service. KnovaSolutions’ advanced-degree nurses and pharmacists provide telephone and email support for individuals and families in managing complex health situations. Data shows that the service helps patients to become better healthcare consumers, returning to health more quickly and spending less than those who don’t have the service.


For additional information, contact:

Bob Simison, HCMS Group Communications
(307) 638-0015

Darcy Barnard, HCMS Group Marketing & Sales
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