Video 5 of Hank Gardner’s Series: Human Capital Risk Index — Population Risk Stratification


In order to manage risk, you need to be able to predict it. Health benefit costs continue to rise at an unsustainable rate. Thirty to forty percent of costs are driven by over-utilization and waste. This waste cannot be analyzed with reactive cost reports and analytics; you need a comprehensive, predictive risk assessment.

HCMS Group’s Human Capital Risk Index® (HUI) is the only leading risk score that predicts and measures human capital health and job performance risk (not just disease).

Built from our diverse research reference database of over 3.2 million individuals from over 100 distinct populations, the HUI takes various data types into account; it utilizes lost-time, medical, pharmacy, and compensation data in order to provide the best assessment of risk and predict high-risk/cost cases.

Our HUI is unique in the fact that it incorporates lost time data and enables our evaluation of a full spectrum of risk. Using lost time data allows us to predict progressive HUI scores before claims cost even come in. This foretelling risk index allows us to provide the right service at the right time without delaying cost-saving and risk-prevention opportunities due to a lag in claims data.

Learn more about HUI by watching the video below.


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