Video 3 of Hank Gardner’s Series: Which benefits are driving your company’s cost waste?


Employee Population Risk Stratification with an Integrated Benefits View

As we have presented in earlier videos, we know that 5% of employees drive over 50% of a company’s health benefit costs, but which benefits are driving the most cost and waste?

Watch the third video in Dr. Hank Gardner’s “New Thinking Paradigm” Series to hear his discussion on how lost time (short & long-term disability and workers’ compensation), prescription drug, and health plan policies are contributing to the waste.

Learn the answers to these questions:

  • How does the design of benefits drive cost and waste in the different employee risk groups?
  • What are the costs incurred by “the 5% group” broken down by benefit type?
  • What behaviors are predictors for employee migration into “the 5%”?
  • What is an integrated benefit management strategy and why is it important?
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