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Our individual and population health management services provide a proven healthcare reform solution for health plans and self-insured employers to solve the healthcare cost and quality problem.
Why Choose HCMS Group?

Whole-Person Approach

Go beyond disease and view risk through an econometric lens.

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Our Human Capital Risk Index® really is better, and we can prove it.

Unrivaled Data Warehousing

Integrate data from any source for the most accurate results.

Point-of-Service Delivery

Instant access to risk information integrated into your system.

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Our Results
Health Benefits Design Saves Organization $5 Million Per Year
We discovered a higher-than-average rate of a particular surgery at a large national corporation. Learn how we saved them $5 million dollars a year after adjustments to their benefits structure by clicking here.
Individual Benefit Costs Reduction of 67%
A male member enrolled in KnovaSolutions with an annual health benefit cost of $18,953. He was seeing 25 specialists and had been diagnosed with 19 health conditions including hypertension, hyperthyroidism, and nerve pain. Click here to learn how we helped.
Decreasing Workers' Compensation Lost Time By Over 20%
A large national employer was experiencing as many as 140 lost work days per workers' compensation claim. Learn how we helped decrease the organizations lost work days associated with workers' compensation by over 20% here.
Individual Benefit Costs Reduction of 82%
Upon enrolling in the KnovaSolutions clinical prevention service, a female member’s prior-year health benefit costs totaled $29,198. She was seeing 13 medical specialists and had been diagnosed with 17 health conditions. Conditions included cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal. Click here to learn how we helped.

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