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We deliver population and individual health management services to employers, health organizations, and government. Our integrated cloud technology supports customized client solutions which reduce waste in health benefits, help recruit and retain high-performing human capital, and elevate business performance.
People matter. Health is one of the most important assets people bring to the workplace. It’s in everyone’s best interest to make people healthier and cut wasteful medical spending.
Who We Are

HCMS Group® is an independent (not captive of health industry insurance carriers/ administrators or medical service providers) private information services company established in 2003. HCMS provides predictive analytics and clinical prevention services to employers, health organizations, and government in order to reduce waste in health benefits, recruit/retain high-performing human capital, and increase business profitability.

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Why We're Different

HCMS Group services are unmatched in the health information service marketplace. Starting with human capital and human resources data, HCMS builds a secure person-centric integrated data warehouse that typically includes health benefits (health plan, disability, workers' compensation) plus compensation, health/safety program, and business performance data. This robust data is then transformed by sophisticated HCMS data analytics and online Software as a Service (SaaS) reporting.

HCMS uses a unique Health as Human Capital conceptual model that structures data analytic management information in business economic performance terms and includes an understanding of how moral hazard and information problems results in waste and inefficiency.

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[Business Series: Book II]

by: Wendy Lynch, PhD
and Hank Gardner, MD

Business Series: Book I: ALIGNING INCENTIVES

Healthcare Reform Webinar Series
Click here to watch our webinar series on healthcare reform.

Topics include:

  • Current Trends in Healthcare Reform
  • Data Analytics that Support Successful Healthcare Reform Implementation
  • The Pathway to Implementing a Single Health Plan that Aligns Incentives
  • The Importance of Primary Care
  • Centers of Excellence and Finding the Best Care

Hank Gardner's "New Thinking" Video Series

View five videos narrated by Dr. Harold (Hank) Gardner, CEO of HCMS, as he discusses population risk stratification and the thinking behind HCMS Group.
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